Is a Professional Photographer. She has been traveling the world and being able to have the pleasure of being apart of variety of runway shows. She has been capturing the beautiful untold stories, within the art of fashion. She is here to listen and bring happiness to the unseen beauty.

Londyn is strong, powerful, focused, determined, and ALIVE! The knowledge she has gained has helped her succeed further to where her business is now! The hard work and dedication, she puts in everyday to ensure it comes out the way she has envisioned it. 

She has always been able to see the world through a different lenses. As, she can stand proudly and share what she has been accomplishing with you through her work.

The Beginning

The Background,

Back in 2017, was when BrandTosis was created.

I didn't like how people wore too many different brands with one another. It didn't look appealing in my eyes. At first, my mom and I tried to start a trend on it, but never went through until I got older and figured out what I wanted to do. I started to bring this to life. And now sitting here and mesmerized by how far it has come, is truly a blessing.